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QJMarble is a QJGroup Company. Founded in 2007, QJMarble is committed to quarry, process and deliver the unique natural stone products with origin in China. Located in one of the most mountainous regions in China, Wuling Mountain area, QJMarble has engaged itself in the development of many high quality resources of natural stones valuable for building and interior decoration. Quite a few of our quarries have been identified as rich enough for a continuous supply of more than a century.
Carrying both knowhow of stone quarrying and insights of the modern stone art, QJMarble has been quarrying several selected marble, granite and sandstone which are aesthetically and commercially excellent for large scale application on any projects. At QJMarble, these stones are regarded as leading stones, while those for not so large scale use and usually treated as decorative and accessorial materials are regarded as supporting ones. It’s believed at QJMarble that a sophisticated stone art is incomplete without a proper designing which leads to choosing and patterning among different stones. Just like a film blockbuster owes its fame to both leading roles and supporting ones, apart from mining our leading stones, QJMarble has put a great effort into outsourcing diverse auxiliary stone materials.
At QJMarble, architectural stone art has been an endless pursuit and customer satisfactory an utmost goal, which truly leads the way of QJMarble’s 10-year success. Always being a cooperative and supportive player in the global supply chain of stone industry, QJMarble keeps polishing its production capabilities for adding values to clients’ brands and images. Our design and production experts using cutting edge facilities to assure quality and details have been tailor-made for each project.
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