Marble Slab – Classic Streamy Beige

polished beige marble slab

  Product Description

Slab Size (LxW): approx. 2.45x1.7meters.
Thickness: Can be customized, but minimum should be 16mm.
Color and Veining: Color shade slightly varies from light red, light pink to white. Veinings are randomly strings and lines in red, rusty yellow and purple, just as shown in the picture beside, but as all natural stone materials are products of nature, such variations are to be expected. Contact us for a piece of free sample. 
Backing: Glue coated mesh
Surface finish: various finishes are available, such as polished, honed, antiqued, pickling. Specifically, honed finish is good for exterior cladding application.
This beige marble, originated from China, is one of our featured marbles. It’s been sold in the form of slabs to importers, stone dealers and fabricators who process it to final products by their own design and production force.
It is a good-for-value marble which is suitable for large scale application. A brilliant choice for any design style no matter commercial or residential new built and renovation. Easily accompanying with other materials to reach creative and stylish effect.
This marble has a great popularity applied as exterior wall tile, interior wall and floor tile, table tops, counter tops, vanity tops, etc.. It is also a superb background for any water jet medallion flooring design.





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